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Specific details:


Length of piece:

100 x 150 upright format

Etude No. 1 "Preludio"
C major
4/4 time presto
23 or 24 bars (1 double bar)
approx. 1 minute

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The first etude begins with a four-four interval from G1 to E4. It then descends to G minor etc. This huge jump is then repeated....


In my painting I have tried to express this up and down movement using corresponding forms which are first similar and then diverge shell-shaped. The deepest sounds are depicted in black at the bottom of the picture. The highest sound is pictured in the top right hand corner as a very light area of triangles which become smaller and smaller and increasingly light. The second part of the etude gives the impression that something is constantly being created out of the depths (spoon-shaped). The round fish-like objects which appear in the lower part of the painting correspond to the trill sequences in the middle part of the preludio. As it turned out, the painting is a little different to the original sketches. In my work I always give preference to these changes. In the painting there are many instances of turning movements. The colour blue represents C major.

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